Individual-level training

SBIRT Overview

This session provides:

  • the rationale and evidence for SBIRT 
  • how to screen for unhealthy substance (alcohol and other drug) use using validated screening tools
  • how to assess for severity of unhealthy substance use
  • how to effectively provide brief feedback and advice for patients with unhealthy substance use
  • how to access resources for further assessment and referral to specialty substance abuse treatment

SBIRT Overview can be delivered as part of all-staff meetings to help familiarize staff with basic concepts and start to think about practical applications to promote SBIRT implementation.

Length: 4-6 hours (including skills practice)

Skills training and coaching

Training sessions that focus on specific topics and skills to expand upon basic SBIRT skills acquired in the SBIRT Overview session.  Content may focus on topics, such as Motivational Interviewing, Brief Negotiated Interview, addiction management/treatment, referral resources, and program evaluation.   

Training content can be customized for:

  • Providers (e.g., physicians, nurses, paraprofessionals, community health workers, social service professionals, public health professionals)
  • Administrative staff (e.g., organizational trainers, directors, administrators, practice managers, employer/union benefits managers)
  • Specific patient populations (e.g., adolescent, women of childbearing age, older adults)
  • Diverse settings (e.g., general medical settings, EAPs, dental settings, school health settings, community organizations, independent worker organizations/unions, behavioral health settings, criminal justice settings, colleges and universities)

Length: Variable

Creating SBIRT organizational change agents

One-on-one technical assistance sessions to facilitate leading change to adopt SBIRT in an organization.

Length: variable


A model for training designated staff to disseminate SBIRT throughout an organization and address sustainability of SBIRT practices.

Length: variable