Marijuana Guidance

In Massachusetts:

Marijauna for Medical Use

In November 2012, Massachusetts voters approved a ballot question which allows qualifying patients with certain medical conditions to obtain and use medical marijuana.  While the ballot question makes medical marijuana legal in the state, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health must consider several important issues to ensure safe and responsible use.  Updated information about Marijuana for Medical Use can be found at: 

Visit MA Department of Public Health's website for information about marijuana use and your kids and marijuana for medical use

Marijuana for Recreational Use

In November 2016, Massachusetts voters approved a ballot question which allows recreational use of marijuana.  
Information about the implementation of the new law can be found at 
A detailed memo outlining enforcement of state laws regarding marijuana can be found at

Find more information at:

MASBIRT TTA is assessing different strategies to incorporate revised marijuana screening and brief intervention to acknowledge recreational use. Organizations may find the following resources helpful:

Screening Tool: CUDIT-R

Sample Guidance: SBIRT Colorado: Supplemental Guidance on Marijuana

As this issue becomes more clearly defined, MASBIRT TTA will offer information and resources to incorporate appropriate messages about use of medical and non-medical marijuana into SBIRT services.